This weeks homework is to write a review of either a book, a film or a restaurant that you have read/visited recently.

Remember to click on your name and tag yourself before publishing. If you have not finished and want more time then save your post as a draft.

If you want a maths challenge then check out this blog: http://7puzzleblog.com/category/easy/  It changes each day and some are a lot harder than others (even on the ‘easy’ page).  It would be great if you could post your workings out on our blog too.

Here are some tips of how to write a review:

How to write a review

  • Hook the reader with a strong sentence about the film/restaurant/book you are reviewing 
  • Include a detailed description about the plot/restaurant 
  • State who it would appeal to (the audience) 
  • If a book or film, write a summary of the action without the ending (you don’t want to spoil it for anyone!) 
  • If a restaurant, write about who you were with, what the staff were like and what you thought about the decoration 
  • Use technical details 
  • Give an opinion as the reviewer 
  • For film or book, mentioned strengths and weaknesses, for example, the plot, acting, costumes 
  • For a restaurant, mention strengths and weaknesses, for example, the portion size, the speed of service, the taste

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