Mini Cheddars Review by Leah


I reviewed mini cheddars and compared them to a similar cheese savoury made by Crawford’s.

Did you know?
Mini cheddars are made by McVities and they first started in 1830 from scotland.
Crawford’s were established in 1813.

What do i like about mini cheddars…?
Mini cheddars are quite salty, crispy and cheesy
I also like the small shape of them they fit in your mouth perfectly (except for babies)

Mmm                                       Yum

“The bite sized snack with the big cheese taste!”


One thought on “Mini Cheddars Review by Leah

  1. Hi, I think this is a great review! I Love mini chedders and I had no idea babies couldn’t eat them. There are some great facts here! Thank you for teaching me about mini Chedders.
    From Kristen Stewart.

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