Are trip to Battersea sports centre

On Tuesday we went to Battersea sports centre to do a sports competition with other competitors from different schools. We walked through smugglers way to get to Battersea sports centre and did a warmup to start of. Next we got called upon groups or by ourselves to do some races,we did really well on every race and were really tired.

We did about 11 races before lunch then we moved onto field sports. We did about 7 of those and we were epic. Next we had lunch. After lunch we started with the over and under race which girls came in 6th and the boys came 6th as well but we all did really well. Then we did a non scoring race where you can choose boys or girls to race . We came 6th but did very well. Last of all we did the 4 by 1 relay.

The girls came 5th and the boys came 6th but both did exceptionally well. That was the end and we walked back to school.

3 thoughts on “Are trip to Battersea sports centre

  1. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day Maple class! I can only imagine how exhausted all of you would have been after competing in so many races! Well done on all of your great effort.

    Miss Toole.

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