Mystery cooking challenge

In Science Week we had a mystery cooking challenge where we had to choose some ingredients from a pile of food to make a meal.

19 thoughts on “Mystery cooking challenge

  1. Wow I would like to do that! I bet it was really fun and interesting. My favourite was the Ice-Cream.

    Question: Did you all want to use the ingredients that one person decided?#

    From Ayisha. Fieldhead Carr

  2. WOW that looks so yummy I would love to tast it
    can I ask you a question
    How did you make that food
    did you eat it
    From Izzy

  3. Hi I have seen your food chalange some of that looks delicious I would like to have some of that food my self.

  4. I really liked that mystery cooking challenge especially where you made the ice-cream and put blue berries and rasberries it was really good.

  5. That food looked delicious I wish I was there to try it all.

    Question: Was all of the food from a different country for each group?

  6. Hi Maple class that look yummy what did it taste like? Did it taste good ? I wish I have some food like that .

  7. I love what you made mappel class.Your all really creative.
    The bit that caught my eye was when you made the ice cream

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