Recounts of our trip to the Oval

5 thoughts on “Recounts of our trip to the Oval

  1. Hi Im Izzy I cant believe that your learning about WWII SO ARE WE we have a great display and my grandad was a evecauee boy I think he was 2 well ITS REALLY FUN AND WE HAVE ONLY STARTED anyway I hope you have been our blog our teacher takes a lot of time hope you have fun oh yes before I GO ARE YOU going to eden camp we are I cant waut BY :):)

  2. Hi, we did a diary entry last week on Friday and we had to be an evacuee like you. Did you know that in WWII Hitla started taking back the land he had lost during WWI?

  3. we did an evacue letter on friday in are big write and we are learning about world war 2 and we had to write it about us being in the war and we were being evacuated. I wonder what it would of been like in the world war 2 it must of been scary and you wouldn’ see you mum or dad for 6 years but you might never see them again if they die

  4. Hi guys!
    Going to the Oval must have been really cool!
    We went on an end of year trip today to Conkers it was really fun. But it’s not the end of the year until Friday.

    From your friend Josh 🙂

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