The golden jelly bean: Esther, Marina and Ben

Eight men called the sand gang were on a summer desert for a  holiday but soon got trapped. One day when they were searching for water they noticed a trail of  golden jelly beans leading to a two headed polar bear! He was eating a pack of  expensive  golden jelly beans. The men were so hungry that they took the pack of jelly beans. They ate them all except for the most valuable one. Suddenly a black flying bird stole the jelly bean out the packet and choked on it. It was so shocked that it flew all the way to a waterfall. They loved drinking.


One thought on “The golden jelly bean: Esther, Marina and Ben

  1. Well done Esther, Marina and Ben. Its hard writing collaboratively, making sure you include everyones ideas. I like the idea of golden jelly beans and think your characters were very brave eating a polar bears sweets!

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