The Lost Polar Bear: Mya, Hana and Henry P

One sunny summer morning, a polar bear got lost! He slipped of the ice in Antarctica and accidentally swam to England in 2011. When he arrived he noticed the food was very  expensive! He’d stomp to the lake and catch some fish. But he found out that there were no clean lakes in London. Now he was in trouble. Would he ever make back to his family?

Evacuee diary entry

Dear diary

I am now on the train to the countryside because I am being evacuated. Out side it is a lovely day there are sweet smelling flowers,a beautiful breeze and a nice country smell.Suddenly I arrived! When I arrived at the great hall I sat down and waited. I hoped a nice, joyful person will take me. Eventually A caring lady took my hand and my bags and we left the great hall. When we arrived at her cottage I admired it’s huge garden and it’s beautiful Stan glass windows. Then we went in cottage it had 3 high hangers and 3 low hangers. I put my coat on the lowest. Then my carer (who’s name is Lucy) said I Could have a look around.

First I went to the store-room. In there was a pile of boxes. There where also a few odds and ends around the place. Next I went into the kitchen. The kitchen had a fine cooker, a shine sink and a lot of draws and cupboards. Then I went into the dinning-room. It had a table big-enough For 6 to sit at and it had candles all across table. When I went into the sitting-room Lucy Said she needed to make my room. In the sitting-room there was a nice, warm and bright fire. It also had a sofa and a comfy rocking-Chair.

When Lucy came back she gave me a bacon sandwich and then took me to my room. My room had blue walls and a fourposter bed. The bed had cream colour sheets. When I looked out of the window I could see for miles. Then I helped Lucy put the black-outs up. When I went to bed she turned the lights off and then she went to bed herself

Mya’s, Hana’s and Ellie’s 100wc

One christmas Henry the VIII was king.  He went into his garden and then ,suddenly he found a key and picked it up. He wondered what it was for! Do you know? He tried it in every key hole in the land but it didn’t fit in any key hole! As he was sleeping he had a dream….He sees someone with the same go into a secret basement. He followed the person into the secret basement and in the secret basement there was a secret trap door. He was stealing gold from the king!  He stopped him and killed him!