Are trip to Battersea sports centre

On Tuesday we went to Battersea sports centre to do a sports competition with other competitors from different schools. We walked through smugglers way to get to Battersea sports centre and did a warmup to start of. Next we got called upon groups or by ourselves to do some races,we did really well on every race and were really tired.

We did about 11 races before lunch then we moved onto field sports. We did about 7 of those and we were epic. Next we had lunch. After lunch we started with the over and under race which girls came in 6th and the boys came 6th as well but we all did really well. Then we did a non scoring race where you can choose boys or girls to race . We came 6th but did very well. Last of all we did the 4 by 1 relay.

The girls came 5th and the boys came 6th but both did exceptionally well. That was the end and we walked back to school.

Description of clothes characters from Rouges’ Gold wear

“Hugh Cotton wore a duck-green doublet with the sleeves slashed to show the yellow silk lining, whereas John Symes favoured sky blue and a cocked hat to match. Gabriel’s bright red cloak was slung over his shoulder and Solomon wore his customary red and yellow comedian’s suit, next to which Ben’s maroon doublet and baggy breeches appeared quite plain.  Only Will, in his shirtsleeves, looked ordinary.”

The Bett Show!

1We started the day by catching the train to the ExCel centre(this picture is of us practicing our lines for the presentation).3This is us playing on some ipad’s that the NightZooKeeper gave us to play with before our presentation.

2 Inside the ExCel centre we did a presentation about coverit live which is a live chat show where you can talk to people online (this is a picture of half of us talking to 50 or more people).910  Here we are getting fit!  The running was really hard but we didn’t fall off. We also did some dancing!

131514  This is us playing with Lego! C played connect 4 against a lego robot and lost.  The dog was very cute but very vicous. He bit you and hissed at you.

7 Here, a man was explaing how to use some numeracy apps. We played on them while he was talking.

19 We had a great day (this is us wearing our new t-shirts).

The Pedlar of Swaffham

In class we have been reading the Pedlar of Swaffham. It was about a man called John Chapman had dream that told him to go to London Bridge but he did’t go but then his dream told him to go to London Bridge every night so he finally went. When he got there he went to bed. In the morning a shop keeper told him his dream it was real and that he had gold in his back garden so John ran home and got rich.

by Xanthe