To the Grand Canyon: Gaelle and Henry

Today was going to be such an exiting day because we were going to book our summer holiday. After a bit of discotion we dcider we would be  flying to the amazing grand canion.I cnew  it was going to be brilliant but very expensive .One week later we were of!It was an 6 hour journy .I terribly exited.When  we arrived we put our baggage down .Later we set of to explore .we found a howl  in the mud.Sudently we heard a growling sound ! Out cam a unique black polar bear.

The lost polar bear: Amani and Germany

One hot day a white polar bear was trapped in the summer.When she was trapped she didn’t have any food or drink for two weeks.One day she saw a black figure in the sea. She was horrified,so she went to check what it was. She silently walked up to the mythical beast. It was a black,giant sea snake. The beast dived under the water so the polar bear couldn’t see the beast. A week later the bear grow expensive wings. A second later she was flying back home. She found her family and friend. Then she went to a shop that belonged to her dad.


Mathilde, Krystal and Leys

I went to buy a black expensive dress and it costs £100. I went home and I got dressed and packet my things to go to California in the summer. I took the wrong plane and I ended up in Antarctica.When I got out of the plane It was freezing cold, there was a polar bear lying on the ice . As I looked up I saw a plane flying by. I called for help and a spy agent came and rescued me. He took me to London.

The Summer Polar Bear!!! Max B, Dillon and Nazra

Once there was a boy called Charlie. One day he went on an expensive journey to South Africa

on a black plane. When he got there he saw a summer polar bear…..
…..suddenly the bear pounced up at Charlie.He ran for his life! he ran far away.
He saw a house, so he went there.

There was a man with a big beard,he let Charlie in.charlie stood beside the door.The man with the big beard was called Harris,he was a big feller. The next morning charlie woke up and looked out off his tent and saw the same summer polar bear .So he went back home.



Icy the polar bear: Jibril, Xanthe and Leo

Icy the polar bear was going  on holiday.It was in Africa in the hot summer he wasn’t pleased. On his way he met a man called Bozoka, Bozoka had two pets one called Cheesey who is a mouse and scary who is a lion. He became best mates with them. But suddenly crash the plane crashed Icy and his mates  were flying  for half hour  till they accidentally fell on their coxis on a cactus. They screamed of pain till it was pitch black at midnight. It was an expensive journey to arctic, but at least he got to see his family again.




The Lost Polar Bear: Mya, Hana and Henry P

One sunny summer morning, a polar bear got lost! He slipped of the ice in Antarctica and accidentally swam to England in 2011. When he arrived he noticed the food was very  expensive! He’d stomp to the lake and catch some fish. But he found out that there were no clean lakes in London. Now he was in trouble. Would he ever make back to his family?

Bob the polar bear’s adventure: Charlie, Alex and Herbie

One summer day Bob the  polar bear was trapped in Australia. He was trying to get back to the North Pole , it was five years later when he met a wizard called Lolringo he had  colourful potoins . Some red, some pink and some black. Bob needed the black potion because it gave him wings to fly back to the North Pole. So he asked the wizard if he could have the black one.But the wizard said it is way to expensive for you , unless you have 10,000 animal bucks .

Bob didn’t have that kind of money so he went to the bank. he started flying home.

Bob the special polar bear: Maximilian, Rufus and Amy

One scorching day in the summer in scotland’s best zoo,there lived a flying black polar bear called Bob. One night Bob was really bored he decided to brake out of his cage and run away. This man named Herbie who was 199 years old spotted him and decided to sell him for £1 billion but it was half price so it was 500 million.(That is still very expensive)

The next day he sells it to a boy called Frank bought the polar bear and builds a rocket to the moon but on the way they get sucked into a wormhole and get out and go down to earth.

The black polar bear (100 wc): Jack, Leah and Ellie

One summers day in south Africa a boy and 2 girl’s were looking in a toy shop and there was a very expensive black,flying  polar bear,and then they brourt it .they  were all so happy they all named it Johny .and they take it to new zeland. but sddendelly the wind broke the glass and the polar bear fell out of the window and then the boy saw the polar bear flying but luckily the boy was a crazy scientist and made some wings and flew out to catch the polar bear! he flew and he flew and he caught him

the end.

The golden jelly bean: Esther, Marina and Ben

Eight men called the sand gang were on a summer desert for a  holiday but soon got trapped. One day when they were searching for water they noticed a trail of  golden jelly beans leading to a two headed polar bear! He was eating a pack of  expensive  golden jelly beans. The men were so hungry that they took the pack of jelly beans. They ate them all except for the most valuable one. Suddenly a black flying bird stole the jelly bean out the packet and choked on it. It was so shocked that it flew all the way to a waterfall. They loved drinking.