This weeks homework is to write a review of either a book, a film or a restaurant that you have read/visited recently.

Remember to click on your name and tag yourself before publishing. If you have not finished and want more time then save your post as a draft.

If you want a maths challenge then check out this blog: http://7puzzleblog.com/category/easy/  It changes each day and some are a lot harder than others (even on the ‘easy’ page).  It would be great if you could post your workings out on our blog too.

Here are some tips of how to write a review:

How to write a review

  • Hook the reader with a strong sentence about the film/restaurant/book you are reviewing 
  • Include a detailed description about the plot/restaurant 
  • State who it would appeal to (the audience) 
  • If a book or film, write a summary of the action without the ending (you don’t want to spoil it for anyone!) 
  • If a restaurant, write about who you were with, what the staff were like and what you thought about the decoration 
  • Use technical details 
  • Give an opinion as the reviewer 
  • For film or book, mentioned strengths and weaknesses, for example, the plot, acting, costumes 
  • For a restaurant, mention strengths and weaknesses, for example, the portion size, the speed of service, the taste

Learning Coordinates


In class we were learning about coordinates and we used bee-bots because you have to press on the across to make it move. When we were using bee-bots we were tryng to make a shape. It was really fun but, quite hard.

What shape is this:

N4, E4, S4, W4?

The dimmed and the chocolate bear

 Once there was a chocolate bear and his name was Coco. He lived in a cottage made out of cheese, it was very nice. One day he went on a walk, it was a very lonely walk because he did`t have any friends. When he got to a cafe he saw something shining on the ground.He picked it up and ran home as fast as he could. When he got home he examined it and found out it was a diamond. He was feeling tingly so he planted it in his back garden. Then it was getting late so he went to bed.

He felt completely different the next morning and when he went to water the diamond, he thought it was a miracle when he looked up. The diamond had transformed  itself into a big diamond tree with big and small diamonds hanging from the branches. After he had breakfast, he picked a diamond that the size of him and carved it in to a bear so he could have a friend. Next he went shopping for lunch. He had just finished shopping when the sun came out  and he thought he was in danger (because he was made of chocolate) so he asked the shop keeper if he could stay there for a bit, but the shop keeper said no you cannot. So then he ran home as fast as he could and when he was home he soaked in cold water so he didn`t melt. Then he heard something come up the stairs, he saw it was the diamond bear and he screamed. He made friends with the diamond bear. After they went to have some lovely lunch. 

A few weeks later some people found out that he had a diamond tree in his garden and tried to steal it.  He felt very sad. The next day he sold some of the little diamonds to a big bunch of people. 2 weeks later everyone started to be his friend. Now he always went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had lots of friends and he was never lonely.


Owen’s 100 WC

Bullying is when people are cruel or unkind, but it’s more than just being rude or just one argument. It happens lots of times. Sometimes it’s a group versus one or two. They’re normally older or bigger and they do it to make themselves feel better. Sometimes they don’t mean it – they don’t have a happy life.

When you’re bullied, you don’t know what to do. It feels like they can force you to do something you don’t want to do. You feel frightened and disappointed and as if you can’t do anything. You feel powerless.

Bullying must be stopped.


Ben 100 words about bullying

Bulling is someone calling you names or beating you up .Normally bullies pick on people who are smaller than them.They bully you because they are really angry people .I got bullied in nursery a lot of times ,and I felt angry and very very sad .They use to push me off the slide .I never get bullied now and I have lots of friends .If you are being bullied ,tell the teacher or your mum or dad or any other member of your family .sometimes really bad bullies will not listen and get expelled for a couple of weeks or so .

Leo’s Antibullying 100WC

Bullying is when someone hurts you every day, emotionally or phisically. Not if they hurt you only one day.Bullying is very bad because you could get very hurt and sad. I feel really bad for the people on the youtube clip because they got really hurt by a member of family or a friend. Or might be a enemy? There is a way to avoid bullying if you do not play with the person that bullies you. You can’t really stop yourself from bullying sometimes you might have had a hard life behind you. Sometimes we understand why some people are bullies. They might have problems with anger or health. Have you been bullied?