Going to the bett show

I think I should go to the Bett show because I would be a good reporter and I like technology. I know what types of technology are good and bad and electronics that are good for learning. Some types of technology make it fun to work on and some don’t. I will make sure that everybody might like the technology we get. I bett we have a fun time there.


I think you should choose me to come to ExCel with you because…

I think you should choose me to come with you to ExCel for several different reasons.

One of my many reasons is that I get on well with other children no matter what age they are.

I also love to play games and I won`t get upset if I lose.

I can help you choose what to show in the ICT presentation and I will give you ideas of what to get at the ExCel!

I`m pretty sure that I`ll be good for the ICT presentation because I can have quite a loud voice sometimes!

It would be a great opportunity for me, a chance of a lifetime!

If I can`t go this time I probably never will.

Please, please, please take me it would mean so much to me.


Here is a poem about why you should take me.

You want to take a child to ExCel?,

I think I could do that very well.

We`ll do a presentation to the other school,

I promise to make it really cool.

Let’s buy an iPad,

Just like my Dad.

Let’s get a printer,

If that`s what you`re inta.

I`ll help you choose,

The stuff we`ll use.

I`m sure that you will never regret,

That I`m the one you took to Bet.

perswasife letter

Dear Mr Weal please can I come to the XL center with you because I am really interested in technology . Also because  I would like to see what technology there is.So Mr Weal please may I come with you to the XL center.


On christmas I woke up nice and early and opened all of my presents my first present was a tablet its kind of like a ipad but just smaller.
My second present was some realy nice clothes. And my fird present was a diary that you could make. I have lots more presents but I’ll just tell you them ones and we had a lovely dinner its a roast dinner . I love xmas!

my reveiw of the snow queen

I went to the snow queen at putney arts theater and I thought it was amazing.It was one of the best shows I have seen.I  thought all the actors were great and all the music.I also liked that in the middle of the play most of the actors changed around. I would reccomend this to people who like shows.I woulde rate this 5 stars.


Review of hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is a fun and exiting film for all the family. It is about a human who comes to a all monster hotel. Then the human falls in love with Dracula’s daughter! I would recommend this film to ages 5 – 9yrs.I would give this film a four and a half star rating.


Henry’s sleepover with Josh

On saturday Josh came to have a sleepover at my house!It was really cool because I don’t often see him.My faverite part was when we went to Jurassic golf.When we woke up we went down to play play station but my dad said NO.Me and Josh ignored him.we had just turned it on when my dad came in.We got in a LOT of trouble.Lukily my dad had to drive my brother to his football match.so we played when he was gone.Finally my mum told us to stop playing and play in my room but we played football in the living room instead.after that we went to the park but I was quite angry because a bit of my toy wrestler’s neck came off.When we got there we went to the play ground we went on a round basket swing but we got bored so we went out of the play ground and played football.Next we went back to the play ground and did the monkey bars.then we went to meet my dad and brother at pizza express.Me and Josh both had an American.it was delicious!AS a desert I had a cheesecake.BYE BYE

Review of the “BIG EASY” restaurant

This restaurant gets top marks .It has amazing seafood, tender BBQ meats and a fun musical atmosphere.There is nothing average about this place .It has friendly and helpful staff.I went there with my family and the choice of food made us all feel like we were back in the US .We only waited about twenty minutes for our food which arrived hot and very tasty.One tip ,make sure you arrive hungry ,as you will definitely leave feeling very full .