THE SUPER BURGER? Meat Market reviewed by Ellie

I went to Meat Market on a rainy Thursday in Covent Garden. I went because it was my cousins birthday. It is called Meat Market because it has lots of meat on the menu and it is on top of a market. To get to the restaurant we went up lots of stairs which  made it feel like it was hidden.  It was small but I really liked it. It felt American because it reminded me of an American diner. It was fun there was music on.

The food was really nice and the staff were very kind. There were lots of kinds of burgers to choose from. The meals wear quite big. My hot dog was ginormous and had ketchup all over it. Phin had the same as me. Zach had a hot dog with crispy onion on it. Sam had a burger whith melted cheese on. Ray had a burger it was called a funny name and had a special sauce on. Benny also had a burger. Everyone  thought it was amazing and Zach has been back twice since. I would rate it 5 stars.