I think you should choose me to come to ExCel with you because…

I think you should choose me to come with you to ExCel for several different reasons.

One of my many reasons is that I get on well with other children no matter what age they are.

I also love to play games and I won`t get upset if I lose.

I can help you choose what to show in the ICT presentation and I will give you ideas of what to get at the ExCel!

I`m pretty sure that I`ll be good for the ICT presentation because I can have quite a loud voice sometimes!

It would be a great opportunity for me, a chance of a lifetime!

If I can`t go this time I probably never will.

Please, please, please take me it would mean so much to me.


Here is a poem about why you should take me.

You want to take a child to ExCel?,

I think I could do that very well.

We`ll do a presentation to the other school,

I promise to make it really cool.

Let’s buy an iPad,

Just like my Dad.

Let’s get a printer,

If that`s what you`re inta.

I`ll help you choose,

The stuff we`ll use.

I`m sure that you will never regret,

That I`m the one you took to Bet.

Book review on The worst thing about my sister.

A really amazing story for early readers. Jacqueline Wilson`s enchanting story is about two sisters called Marty & Melissa who find it really hard to get along,such a simple idea yet so interesting! I would recommend this book to kids from 6 – 10 yrs. This story is set in the past tense and is from Marty`s point of view. So if you see this book anywhere please bear in mind that this fabulous tale is worth reading.

By Esther Knowles