Book review of Billy Beast

my book is about these ugly, smelly, pig snout and hairy monsters. They all go to beast school.One thing they do there is do belching lessons and billy wanted to marry the most discusting girl the world has ever seen.billy’s favrout meal was cockroaches and in taps was slime and when billy was in town he had earwig ice-cream!why don’t you read this book and find out what happens to billy and the girl!

Henry’s Weekend

At the weekend I went to Jessy’s school fete where I bought a tape measure.  I then went to Wales to stay with my friends, Catrin, Ifan, Gwen and Ellen. We went to the mountains and I measured one big rock and one small mountain with my tape measure. The big rock was 78cm and the small mountain was 25 feet high. I also saw a dead sheep.  All that was left of the sheep skull and a skeleton! Unfortunately it was to smelly to measure! We also saw a white cute Pomeranian dog who was very fluffy. We then went on a treasure hunt to look for a packet of haribo’s and a lollipops. My lollipop was coca cola flavour!