Henry’s sleepover with Josh

On saturday Josh came to have a sleepover at my house!It was really cool because I don’t often see him.My faverite part was when we went to Jurassic golf.When we woke up we went down to play play station but my dad said NO.Me and Josh ignored him.we had just turned it on when my dad came in.We got in a LOT of trouble.Lukily my dad had to drive my brother to his football match.so we played when he was gone.Finally my mum told us to stop playing and play in my room but we played football in the living room instead.after that we went to the park but I was quite angry because a bit of my toy wrestler’s neck came off.When we got there we went to the play ground we went on a round basket swing but we got bored so we went out of the play ground and played football.Next we went back to the play ground and did the monkey bars.then we went to meet my dad and brother at pizza express.Me and Josh both had an American.it was delicious!AS a desert I had a cheesecake.BYE BYE

Henry’s Pizza Express

Henry Pygott, Maple Class

 The restaurant was very nice because you could watch the baker make the pizza. Me and my family were especially lucky because we got to sit next to the christmas tree. I had a dillecios american pizza. The only thing I didn’t like was that there were a lot of people and it was really loud. The waiters are also really nice because they always smile.The food also comes quite quickly and it is nice and warm. The drinks are really really tasty especially the fanta which is my favorite.