On christmas I woke up nice and early and opened all of my presents my first present was a tablet its kind of like a ipad but just smaller.
My second present was some realy nice clothes. And my fird present was a diary that you could make. I have lots more presents but I’ll just tell you them ones and we had a lovely dinner its a roast dinner . I love xmas!

preview about squares the crispy crisps and walkers by krystal

Squares and Walkers

Squares are crisps that have a yummy scence of taste and you could get the from asda
and many other shops squares are nice and tender and nice to eat I would say that people that like crisps should try squares if you like crisps you would like these luvly crispy crisps and you could get them in 3 difrent types of flavour salt and vinigar,cheese and onion and ready salted also these crisps are crispy,crunchy,tender and tast.

Walkers come in difrent flavours such as prawn coctail,salt and vinigar,roast beef,ready salted,cheese an onion,smoky bacon and I cant remember the rest but theres much more.You should realy try all the difrent flavours and try these yummy crisps. You could get them from sainsburrys,co-oporative,asda and tesco.I would recermend that people that like patatose and chips should try these crisps.