Book – The 7 o’clock tales by Leah

The 7 o’clock tales, over 100 amazing short tales…

The book has over 100 tales at magic and adventures.
Each story is a diffrent and can take your mind from one place to another in just three or  four pages.

This book would suit an audience of chidren from 7 years and over, some adults may enjoiy reding it too!

My opinion about the story…

I’ve read about 6 or 7 stories from the book and they are really good and funny and there are only 3 or4 pages in each story.
The red and white cow story is the best and the funniest so far.

I think it’s amazing how you can fit 1 story in 3 or 4 pages!

Mini Cheddars Review by Leah


I reviewed mini cheddars and compared them to a similar cheese savoury made by Crawford’s.

Did you know?
Mini cheddars are made by McVities and they first started in 1830 from scotland.
Crawford’s were established in 1813.

What do i like about mini cheddars…?
Mini cheddars are quite salty, crispy and cheesy
I also like the small shape of them they fit in your mouth perfectly (except for babies)

Mmm                                       Yum

“The bite sized snack with the big cheese taste!”