Live from the O2

Luke Johnston reporting.
On a cold Tuesday night Elliot, Jacob, Myrna and I went to the O2 in London to see Mumford & Sons! This was the largest gig they had ever played and Marcus Mumford said they were all very nervous but he didn’t  need to be so modest. IT WAS SPECTACULAR!!
I especially loved when they played my favourite Mumford song Little Lion Man. Everybody got up and danced their socks off! They were all so talented because they could play so many instruments including the banjo. I thought that the lights were one of the coolest things because there were so many different colours like red, blue, green and loads more. Also, the way the lights shone on stage was just incredible, it was like seeing a rocket’s engine light up.
I think that only ages 7 & above should go because it is very loud, light and you have to stay up very late. So there is a big possibility that the younger ones might get scared or tired and no parent or guardian would would want that would they?
Top Top: Get the clipper to Waterloo then get the train home.

Visiting Oxford University.

On Saturday,

I went to Oxford University and met my cousin Zoe. She is in st.Johns college. when we got there we had a quick look at the libary. It was absoloutly enormous. After that we looked inside her room.Later we went for lunch at Browns.Next we walked into town and had a look inside a few shops.Unfortunatley, when we got back to the university,it was time to go home.

I had a amazing time. 🙂

The Day To Remember.

One hot ,sunny day a old man called Paddy went out for a stroll throuh the wonderfull ,green park. However wile he ambiling along the path he came across a massive , awsome looking playground. It was filled with the most amazing , fun things to do like munkey bars , giant slides and loads of more fabulous things to do.

Then he thought of a great idea I should take my  grandson here. So he rushed straight back to his house and called Harry and said.

“Harry Harry come quick to Zig Zag park!”

So he did.

“Look look isn’t it spectacular” Tom said

“yey it’s actually astonishing” Harry said

Suddeniy a horrible man came into the playground. Everybody was sreaming and ran away. Unluckily, Harry got hit in the face and was knocked out. Then the police came and said to the man “put your hands up, you’re under arrest !”

The man ran way and jumped into a Ferrari. Now, it was a car chase. After the police had gone Tom found Harry and helped him get up and they walked back to Tom’s house. When they got home they turned on the TV and heard that the man had been captured and gone to prison.

This was definitely a day to remember.