Going to the bett show

I think I should go to the Bett show because I would be a good reporter and I like technology. I know what types of technology are good and bad and electronics that are good for learning. Some types of technology make it fun to work on and some don’t. I will make sure that everybody might like the technology we get. I bett we have a fun time there.


Maximilian’s 100wc

Anti Bullying

bullying is when someone is being mean to someone about their size or personalities. A bully is someone who has no friends and jokes about other peoples size,weight or personalities over and over again. You could get injured and might need to go to hospital.There are two types of bullying,physical bullying and verbal bullying. If the bully punched you that would be physical bullying,if the bully said something rude about you that would be verbal bullying. I would not like to be bullied. I would feel sorry for someone getting bullied.I think that life would be better without bullies.