The Pedlar of Swaffham

In class we have been reading the Pedlar of Swaffham. It was about a man called John Chapman had dream that told him to go to London Bridge but he did’t go but then his dream told him to go to London Bridge every night so he finally went. When he got there he went to bed. In the morning a shop keeper told him his dream it was real and that he had gold in his back garden so John ran home and got rich.

by Xanthe



Maple Class Homework

Friday 11th January 2013

Your homework this week is to:

  •  Research Tudor recipes  for a banquet
  • Draw pictures of Tudor Kings and Queens in chronological order
  • Research famous people from Tudor times and write about them
  • To make a timeline of Tudor Kings and Queens

And don’t forget that I am looking for five people to take to the @Bett show at the Excel Centre (  I want people that can confidently talk about the ICT we do at Brandlehow and blog about the different attractions that we will visit at the Bett Show.  Just write a blog post persuading me that I should take you and I will choose those who write the most convincing blog.  I am not looking for quantity (how long it is) but the quality (how good it is).

The Baddy. O:

Once in a car ther was a baddy!  On his number plate there was 1E35F434.  I was a great spy with my partner HP114 {I was GM885}. We were trying to catch the baddy because he stole the treasure from the King.  His car was a green Ford X11, his top speed – 110mph.  As he was going so fast we struggled to keep up with him.  Fotunately he loved hot dogs, so he decided to have one, meanwhile we were building a plane so we could catch up with him, because our plane had a top speed of 435mph.  I thought it was a great plan, meanwhile agent OS558 was setting a trap. It was a net made out of 34metal {iron}.  It was in the air so it could drop on to the baddy {Horace Brown}.  One day a brown sheep bumped into the car “what did you do you annoying sheep”,  said Horace.  “Baaaaa” said the sheep.  Then out of nowhere a purple rabbit appeared “Mi sho nay’joiu .Kihei noku may.” said the purple rabbit.  “May you say that in English” said Horace.  “Put your hands in the air” all the spies said together.  Five hours later the baddy was behind bars in dispair, and we had the Kings treasure.








krystals amazing holiday at christmas!

On my holiday at cristmas.THe day bafore christmas I was so exited that it was 1 day until christmas my step brother came over and he slept over my house for christmas.we had scrumy chocolates and yummy candy canes.Then we got in the bath and after the bath we got new pajamas .Next we had dinner for dinner we had fish and chips and then we went to bed. In bed we secretly played with our toys for 3 mins and after that we went to bed.

The next day it was christmas !we woke up nice and early and got dressed.Next we opened our presents I got a tablet a tablet is kind of like a ipad but just a small ipad. My second present was a artbook.

My review of tap dancing!!!

I love tap dancing because I like to hear the rhythm on the floor that my tap shoes make. When I do  my tap  dance shows I have a tingly feeling go through my body. Tap dancing is really fun and I would give it a 5 star.


I think people how like dancing and people how like moving their feet.




This weeks homework is to write a review of either a book, a film or a restaurant that you have read/visited recently.

Remember to click on your name and tag yourself before publishing. If you have not finished and want more time then save your post as a draft.

If you want a maths challenge then check out this blog:  It changes each day and some are a lot harder than others (even on the ‘easy’ page).  It would be great if you could post your workings out on our blog too.

Here are some tips of how to write a review:

How to write a review

  • Hook the reader with a strong sentence about the film/restaurant/book you are reviewing 
  • Include a detailed description about the plot/restaurant 
  • State who it would appeal to (the audience) 
  • If a book or film, write a summary of the action without the ending (you don’t want to spoil it for anyone!) 
  • If a restaurant, write about who you were with, what the staff were like and what you thought about the decoration 
  • Use technical details 
  • Give an opinion as the reviewer 
  • For film or book, mentioned strengths and weaknesses, for example, the plot, acting, costumes 
  • For a restaurant, mention strengths and weaknesses, for example, the portion size, the speed of service, the taste