Evacuee diary entry

Dear diary

I am now on the train to the countryside because I am being evacuated. Out side it is a lovely day there are sweet smelling flowers,a beautiful breeze and a nice country smell.Suddenly I arrived! When I arrived at the great hall I sat down and waited. I hoped a nice, joyful person will take me. Eventually A caring lady took my hand and my bags and we left the great hall. When we arrived at her cottage I admired it’s huge garden and it’s beautiful Stan glass windows. Then we went in cottage it had 3 high hangers and 3 low hangers. I put my coat on the lowest. Then my carer (who’s name is Lucy) said I Could have a look around.

First I went to the store-room. In there was a pile of boxes. There where also a few odds and ends around the place. Next I went into the kitchen. The kitchen had a fine cooker, a shine sink and a lot of draws and cupboards. Then I went into the dinning-room. It had a table big-enough For 6 to sit at and it had candles all across table. When I went into the sitting-room Lucy Said she needed to make my room. In the sitting-room there was a nice, warm and bright fire. It also had a sofa and a comfy rocking-Chair.

When Lucy came back she gave me a bacon sandwich and then took me to my room. My room had blue walls and a fourposter bed. The bed had cream colour sheets. When I looked out of the window I could see for miles. Then I helped Lucy put the black-outs up. When I went to bed she turned the lights off and then she went to bed herself